Cynthia A. Patterson is a servant leader specializing in spiritual growth and leadership development. She empowers women that desperately want to liberate themselves from past hurts and get unstuck.  She shows them how to spiritually heal so they can live well and live blessed.

Cynthia shares with many her testimony where she lived a double life, working in Corporate America by day then drugs, alcohol, and the adult entertainment industry by night. While this lifestyle was very gratifying, it turned out  she chose to live this way to suppress the feelings of guilt, shame, abandonment, and humiliation that she acquired from her entire negative past experiences through violent domestic and sexual abuse.  So for years, she was pursuing something that only fixed those issues temporarily by satisfying a desire for a momentary high or rush. Lost with no hope this left her feeling dead on the inside.  But, it was not until Cynthia recognized it and sought Jesus for her help and strength. 

Today she is a sought-after inspirational speaker who has a genuine passion to inspire and encourage. She is known for her amazing, approachable, engaging, and transparent style. Her deep love for God is obvious as she takes her audience on a journey through the truth of God's word.Her wisdom is shared with loads of practical advice and application. No matter what the topic, her passion and prayer is that every woman or teenage girl duplicates and leaves inspired.

Cynthia holds a Bachelor in Christian Leadership Development, Masters in Christian Counseling, Ordained and Licensed Minister, Certified Christian Life Coach, International Peer Recovery Support Specialist and Trainer. Currently pursuing Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership in Behavoral Health.

She is the author of three books: It Had to Happen, Live Better Everyday, and My Life Matters. Co-Authored newly released The Making of a M.A.D.A.M.E. (Made and Developed as a Master Example)

Cynthia loves to laugh and loves helping and serving God's daughters. She has been ministering to women and teenage girls for nearly 20 years.

Empowering Women to Live Well, Live Blessed!

Meet our Founder

Join Cynthia in her movement to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ to women of all walks of life.  She speaks on topics such as :

What's Your Problem?
Who's Your Daddy?
When it doesn't get better, but worse
Don't Give up
Taking Faith Steps Toward Recovery
Finding out who you are
Get Desperate for Wholeness
Discovering your Purpose
Real Faith
Making the Right Decision
Becoming a Woman of Wisdom
Living Your Best Life!
Nothing Negative
Single for a Season
Its All Good and so much more!

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