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Personal Development

What are Broken Wings™ Development Programs?

Broken Wings
 are Recovery Support or Leadership Development  programs that are designed to be presented in a series of multiple phases toward your personal & spiritual growth development. We provide a safe and supportive atmosphere for women (and men too) to explore their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors connected to their emotional trauma.

Through our Broken Wings you will experience growth in either of these programs:

Our Spiritual Growth & Development Programs:

 It is a one year program that can be presented to personal or group forums. We utilize DOVE's books, workbooks and other resources to teach this program. We have a process in place to help you live well and live blessed:

Module 1 - Plan

Discovering Christian Maturity - Part I

God can use anything – positive and negative experiences

Module 2 - Preparation

Discovering Christian Maturity - Part II

Overcoming Obstacles that gets in your Way

Module 3 - Process

Discovering My Maturity

Excellence and Discovering the Authentic You

Module 4 - Purpose

Discovering My Life Mission

Consistency, Determination and Staying on Track with your Mission

Our Spring session begins April 2016. Call us at 832-323-3683 or contact our Programming Coordinator  @ info@dove-ministries.org for more information.

6009 Richmond Ave., Suite 130
Houston, TX 77056

Our Leadership Development Programs: 

This is a program that offers a comprehensive training of the purpose and roles of Recovery Coach and/or Mentor while giving participants the tools and resources necessary to provide recovery support services to others. It is opened to anyone who wants to gain understanding of:

  • Substance use and mental disorders
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Trauma Intervention
  • How to respond in crisis or traumatic situations
  • Skills and tools in effective communication and motivational interviewing
  • Recovery and Wellness action planning and goal setting
  • Recovery Ethics
If you wish to have your leaders in your organization or church trained, we offer a "preferred option cost". Please email us at info@dove-ministries.org if you want to discuss this packaging. 

*This training consists of 46 hours (6 hours role-play exercises):
10 Hours Advocacy
10 Hours Mentoring/Education
10 Hours Recovery Support
10 Hours Ethical Responsibility
  6 Hours Client Services

-TCBAP International Peer Support Specialist Provider No. 1050-0712
-Provider of Continuing Education for Certification and Re-certification for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors in the State of Texas 1938-14

For details email us at info@dove-ministries.org or contact us at 832-323-3683Class size is limited. You don't want to miss this!

6009 Richmond Ave., Suite 130
Houston, TX 77056

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