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"Elder P- Your words of wisdom were scrumptious to my soul... I'm still chewing ;) Such insight and practical advice on the Real Women Real Life Radio Show- You are truly a beautiful gift to the Kingdom and an awesome example to Women of God that are pursuing Purpose. Thank you for being who you are!" ~ Chelsia Brewer


     “Had an awesome, empowering lunch meeting with Min. Cynthia Patterson she is an awesome woman of God and I'm so excited about what God is doing in our lives :-) He is so worthy” ~ Nikki Antwine

 "Thank you for lending an ear, time and gving good advice. You're awesome" ~ Valencia K'Nuckles

This training is definitely life changing! Not only will you learn how to help others, but your life will be transformed in the process. ~ Tammi Darden

Be sure to secure your space! This training is just what you need to help others as well as yourself!!!! ~ Valarie Beckham





Empowering Women to Live Well, Live Blessed!


Dove's Love Empowerment Ministries Inc. is a nonprofit (501) (c) (3) organization that offers after-care recovery and wellness programs for women and teenage girls from all walks of life. 

We receive countless calls from women and teen girls who are abused,  substance abusers, homelessness or requesting help and guidance in identifying their significant purpose in life.  Through our programs, we provide the necessary tools and resources for them to began a fresh start in life.

We believe in the following success formula in coaching everyone we come in contact with:

Plan+Preparation+Process= Purpose

PLAN -   We encourage you to create a divine plan that will help you accomplish the purpose of God.

PREPARATION -  We believe it begins with knowing what you're preparing for. We encourage you to determine where you are headed and examine the conditions along the way!

PROCESS - We act as your accountability partner by challenging you to know ultimately you have to take action. Being prepared means being ready to take that first step.

PURPOSE - This last step is results oriented. It will define why you exist, why you are here, the potential you possess, your capabilities, and your limitations.
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